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One-of-a-kind Sea Glass & Beaded Jewelry

We use semi-precious and precious stones to create unique jewelry. No two pieces of glass are identical; however, they may be similar enough in shape and thickness to be used as a pair. All of our products are composed of the finest materials. We use .925 sterling silver and 14 karat gold only. The majority of pieces are as they were found on the beach shores, however some are amended ever so slightly to make specialized types of jewelry components. The Sea N’ Things Jewelry aims to create pieces that are as enjoyable to make as they are to wear. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED!

One of a Kind Jewelry

Handmade, one of a kind jewelry, from sea glass, beach rocks, beads and gemstones.

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Sea Glass Resources

Blue Beach Glass

Jewelry Grade & Bonfire Glass

Jewelry Grade Jewelry grade glass is cured/frosted has no chips and is generally even in thickness.  It is smooth on all sides and surfaces.  Shape and size determine its monetary value and usability within the design trade. Pairs of sea glass that are approximately the same shape are extremely valuable in the[…]

Beach Glass

Where is sea glass found?

My collection of sea glass was found on Palm Beach Island on the East Coast of Florida.  Hours of walking and searching in washed up sea rubble at low tide after it has been pushed ashore.  I discovered excellent places to find glass are among rocks where it gets trapped during the[…]

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